Hi, my name is Elana.

I am very interested in things.

Quick Facts About Me

  • I was born in Denver.
  • I've lived in Hawaii for the last three years.
  • I have a degree in Animation, but I've been working in Marketing.
  • I care a lot about being kind to animals.
  • I am an Experience Coordinator at Galvanize.

Some Things I Enjoy

  • Reading + Learning
  • Illustration + Painting
  • Hiking + Yoga
  • Coffee + Beer
  • Making Icons
Elana in a tree pose standing on a petrified tree. reading and learning illustration and painting hiking and yoga coffee and beer icons and design

Frequently Asked Questions

If you could live in one movie what would it be?

Guardians of the Galaxy

What do you want for your birthday?

A Vitamix and a dog from the shelter. Unrelated.

Where did you put the car keys?

Honestly, I have no idea.